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Tony was born in Georgetown, British Guiana where he was given drawing lessons at a very early age by Ms. Edna Hart before being accepted into the Working Peoples Art Class run by E.R. Burrowes who then taught him to paint in oils. After years of political turmoil in an independent Guyana, Tony immigrated to Melbourne Australia with his young family in 1978. Just before leaving Guyana Tony completed two murals, one of which is the largest painting ever completed in the dome of Barclays Bank D.C.O. On arriving in Melbourne Tony continued his art education by obtaining a BA degree in fine art from RMIT University In Melbourne. This led to a bolder approach both in technique and subject matter. He has had numerous exhibitions both in Melbourne and overseas. Tony has designed and produced special drawing tables for RMIT’s School of Visual Communication. He has also created artists’ easels, greeting cards, ladies’ tote bags and cushion covers.

His favorite artists are Jacques Louis David, Francisco Goya, Magritte, and Edwin Austin Abbey.

Artist Statement

My eternal challenge is to produce paintings that whenever possible, are uplifting and entertaining, whilst having been executed in a manner that is understandable by all. Intense colour is often used in order to create a reality of similar intensity to my feelings in relation to the theme or idea.