There is a question why we gain weight in the winter.


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There is a question: why do we gain weight in winter

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Do not blame yourself for the lack of willpower for the kilograms that you acquired during the holidays. Gesundheit We are used to joking that winter fat is necessary for additional protection from the cold, but a new study published in the scientific journal Proceeding of the Royal Society shows that there is a rational grain in the funny statement.

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In other words, weight gain in the winter is quite natural. Who’s guilty? Evolution. Researchers used a computer model to see how much the weight of an animal that has to survive the harsh winter outdoors is increasing, and why it is really necessary. The Grandson of ”El Chato” in a Documentary on The ”Spain” Newspaper in Tangier The results of the experiment made it possible to determine that the human ancestors also needed additional kilograms as a kind of insurance policy against hunger.

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It should be noted that at that time the risk of hunger was higher than diseases of the cardiovascular system or obesity, but despite the fact that today the output has changed, our bodies have not become smarter in this regard. Kulturystyka Spala więcej tkanki tłuszczowej dzięki Tri Moreover, we not only do not have a shortage, we usually consume more food in the winter, and especially during the holidays. Much more. This baggage, combined with the biological features inherited from our ancestors, becomes ideal soil for a spontaneous increase in weight. Instinktiv utbildning för bodybuilding If you constantly keep this in mind, then you will not be surprised at the failures that happen with a dietary diet plan in winter.

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“Moreover, the new year is the most inopportune moment to start a new diet,” says Andrew Higginson, Ph.D., professor at Exeter University and one of the leading research experts. Thus, even if there are still a few cold and dark winter months ahead, do not blame yourself for the current and future weight gain. Want some inspiration? Cool weather, of course, leaves its mark, but it does not mean that you should stop your workouts. On the contrary, this is a great reason to increase their frequency or intensity.

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